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Welcome at the website of dental practice “Maasstraat”.  We are located in Amsterdam in the areas the “Rivierenbuurt” the “Pijp” and “Oud Zuid”. This means that the diversity of people is grand and everybody is welcome!

We have a very modern practice that meets up to highest standards in hygiene, knowledge, machines and materials.
For example: We have an oral hygienist, free WiFi, television (with wireless headphone) to look at when treated. We don’t use amalgam, we are latex free and also use the newest state of the art glass fillings (Glass Fill, monomere free!).

We will try to put up more information here as soon as possible, but in the meantime give us a call at: 020-675 40 90.

Wij zijn nu ook te volgen op twitter:  @tpmaasstraat